Month: April 2008

Children’s Clinic a big success

The annual children’s clinic went well this year. It was my second year in attendance. There were four Rolfers present this year, and we were able to help 8-10 kids (you try counting when they are running all over the place).

Even though children’s bodies are still developing, Rolfing can be extremely beneficial for them. Kids are still learning how to use their bodies, and the earlier to help them find and use different options for movement, the better off they will be in the long run. It can also be surprising how much tension can be found in kid’s bodies, so Rolfing can help in that regard as well. Also, children getting therapeutic touch now (as well as loving touch and contact from their families) sets them up for much more emotional/psychological success in the future.

However, kids can’t process as much neurological input as an adult would, so sessions then to be shorter. It is also important the child want to receive the work, and not just the parent wanting them to get it. Just like any session, the client should be involved and want to be there.

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Free Rolfer’s Childrens Clinic

Several Rolfer’s from the Portland area, myself included, will be sponsoring the annual Rolfer’s Childrens Clinic.  It will be held on Saturday, April 19th, 2008 from 9-11AM.  Generally, the mini-sessions will be 10-30 minutes in length.  And, did I mention that it’s totally FREE!!!  The treatments can be for concerns such as scoliosis, growing pains, pigeon toes, etc.   You could even use it as a trial run to see if your child would be interested in getting more sessions outside of the free clinic.

The location is to be announced, but it should be located on the near eastside of town.  If you want to make a reservation for your child, please call Karin Edwards at 503-230-0087 to schedule a time.

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Rolfing as a participatory sport

Many people like to get a massage and just zone out completely. I’ll agree…it feels nice. But you don’t learn much about yourself.

This is just one way that Rolfing is different from massage. Rolfing is essentially a participatory team sport. It is all about learning how to move differently and use your body in different, and often totally new, ways. You work in concert with your Rolfer during a session and by yourself outside of the sessions to practice this new skill. Laying on a table and having someone “go to town” of your tissue might feel good and definitely has benefits, but participation and learning are where the real power for growth and change exist.

Rolfing often does help people enter a more meditative state of mind. While it may seem like normal “zoning out”, you are still able to interact with me and do the movements of the session. Of course, sometimes people drift a little deeper, but that is usually what is needed in the moment so it’s OK.

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