Knowledge is only a rumor until lives in the muscle

I recently came across this wonder quote from the Ansaro tribe of Indonesia and Papua New Guinea. It was an episode of The OA with the slightly difference translation of “body” rather than “muscle” (I’ve also seen “bone” used).

It’s such a wonderful explanation for how Rolfing works as well. There is plenty to intellectually know about the work, but it’s the embodiment of it that makes it permanent and available on a daily basis. It also explains why the movement work aspect of Rolfing is so powerful and important. Learning to exist differently in your body allows the information experienced in the sessions to become an inherent knowledge for you that is always there to be used from then on. Without that integration, it’s just too easy to slip back into old patterns which sets us up to experience the same problems again later.

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I’m now an Advanced Certified Rolfer™

I just wanted to put out a practice update – I’ve now finished my Advanced Rolfing Training!! It was a great learning experience overall and I’m even more ready to help people now.

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An example of excellent body control

Here is an excellent example of body control:

He sure knows how to move precisely and has exquisite spinal control.

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Updating website for mobile

I’ve been working behind the scenes to update my website in order to make it more mobile friendly. Bare with me if anything looks odd, but it should work MUCH better on your mobile devices.

WHEEEE….website work.

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Scientists have mapped emotions to specific parts of the body

Well, this isn’t really new to any people who do Visceral Manipulation, but it’s still pretty cool. Scientists have apparently mapped where in our body we actually experience the emotions, which is pretty cool.

I find it interesting that the desired emotions seem to have much bigger effect that often non-desired emotions. I am surprised though, that happiness beat out love.

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Common Posture Problems

I came across this wonderful link today. It goes over some common posture problem a lot (dare I say most) people experience in their day to day lives.

Common Posture Problems

The solutions offer some nice self-care. If your having problems on your own, sounds like a good time for a session. 😉

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Sitting is bad for you

But like you, I also do it too much. If you really want to know what it’s so bad: Sitting is Killing You.

Make sure you get and move periodically — your body will thank you.

2013-05-24 Edit: So the place that made the link apparently has some issues being a link farm, so their link is being removed. If you still want to see the article, just use your favorite search engine and search for “Sitting is Killing You” and it should still pop up.

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Interesting article about muscle fatigue

My brother does a lot of competitive endurance type sports (triathlons, adventure racing). He sent me this interesting article about muscle fatigue and how it can be an “emotion” rather than a specific physical thing.

Isn’t the body amazing? It sense when we are at the limit of some part of the system and creates the signals needs to that the whole organism will slow down. Of course, people can (and often do) override those signals which just gets us into trouble.

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So I really don’t blog much

I’m very bad about blogging.  It comes with being a giant introvert, and I’m working on it.

Here is an NPR piece on Rolfing from awhile back. To be fair, Rolfing doesn’t have a lot of empirical evidence behind it.  However, it has a TON of people who talk about it helped them out.


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