What are sessions like?

Each session may last up to 1:15. Each person’s ability to integrate the work varies. This means that a session may end sooner if you no longer have the resources to integrate more work. Children generally need shorter sessions.

Each session begins with a short check-in to determine your progress since the last session. Next, the Rolfer will spend the next few minutes analyzing your current standing and movement patterns to determine how to best structure the session. Such movement patterns include walking, doing knee bends, and other session specific motions. The bulk of the session would then be spent doing work on the table or in movement explorations. Each session generally ends with neck work, a pelvic lift, and optionally some seated back work. At the end of the session, the Rolfer will lead you through the same movements you did before the session to determine what effect has been achieved. Your Rolfer may also provide you with a movement exploration to play with on your own time between sessions.

What should I wear for a session?

It is important that you feel comfortable during the session. If you aren’t, then it will be impossible to work towards the goals of the session. You may undress to the level of you comfort down to your underwear. It is important to be able to move around in whatever clothing choice you make.

  • Men: underwear (briefs or boxer-briefs), shorts, or swimsuit
  • Women: underwear/shorts with bra/sports bra or a two-piece swimsuit

For selecting your clothing, it is important to remember that the Rolfer will need good access to the whole of your back. We can work around straps, but a sports bra that covers the entire back might be too limiting. It is also better to wear natural fabrics if possible, as contacting your tissue through synthetics can be difficult. Revealing underwear such as thongs isn’t allowed. Inappropriate clothing will result in rescheduling the session. If you are only comfortable fully clothed, then the work can still be accomplished, but with some limitations.

How do I prepare for a session?

You can think of going for a Rolfing session like any other moderately physical activity. It DOES require energy on your part. You should make sure to have eaten recently or had a snack. Please do not eat a big meal right before a session. Having the appropriate amount of sleep can also be beneficial. After the session, it is recommended to increase your intake of clean water. Your tissues will be rehydrating and toxins may have been released. Drinking more water will help your body flush the toxins out quicker.

How long should I wait between sessions?

This question really depends on how fast you would like to complete your series, and mostly, about how fast you are able to integrate the work of the previous session in your body. The minimum recommended time is about every other day. The maximum amount of time is not set either, but it is also important to maintain the momentum you have build up in the previous sessions. Most clients space the sessions out from 1 week to 1 month apart. What’s more important is listening to your own body to determine how to space your sessions.