Testimonials for Jon Grossart and Rolfing

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After a few sessions of Rolfing I realized how effective this treatment was and how heartened I felt about the outcome of the entire series. I now feel more physically confident in physical activities and know how better to use my body. Thanks, Jon!

K. Laslie

This work helped me break and become aware of physical/emotional patterns that have barely budged an inch despite a LOT of bodywork. My quality of life is vastly improved and this may have saved my life literally.

James Renola

Jon’s Work helped me overcome chronic low back discomfort and generally feel better overall.

Mr. BP

Jon’s knowledge and experience were evident in his skillful manipulation and clear instructions. My body is less painful than before treatment and my awareness of my body is initiating changes in body, mind, and spirit.

Tim Daily, RN

I came to Rolfing hoping for some relief from the pain of a hip/tailbone injury that had plagued me for over 20 years. What I got was so much more: relief from pain, but also a return of balance and fluid motion, a deeper knowledge of my body, and resources to take with me to continue healing and strengthening. If you are suffering from an injury that other therapies have failed to heal, then you should definitely invest in Rolfing with Jon Grossart. He is professional, knowledgeable, gently, and thorough. You will be amazed at the transformation!

Naomi A.

Jon is one of the most amazing practitioners I have met and have had the privilege of his services. He has great understanding of the human body and great ability to detect and improve one’s issues related to pain, movement and digestion, all of which were improved through my sessions with Jon. I’ve met many health-related practitioners over the years and can’t say enough about Jon’s expertise, professionalism and gentle nature.

Debbie Rakfeldt

Jon is pleasure to work with! His gentle & open manner made my sessions much more enjoyable. I was impressed by his knowledge, his attention to detail & his ability to observe subtleties of movement &amp improvement. Thank you for your time & knowledge!

Ms. CB

Being a therapist for the past 13 years I have searched out, learned and received treatments from some of the greatest practitioners around the world. I have to say, without a doubt, Jon is one of the best! After meeting Jon 2 years ago at an osteopathy workshop, I’ve now visited Portland twice to receive treatments for my issues of SI joint pain, poor posture, digestive issues and the desire to just feel more comfortable in my own body. In trying to resolve these issues over my lifetime I’ve spent a more money then I wish to think about and have worked with dozens of practitioners without very much success. In only a few sessions over 2 weeks time, Jon’s laser precision fingers were able to work through all of my issues, changing me forever! Its been 3 months since I last saw Jon and my body is doing amazing, my posture has changed, I’m standing straighter, muscles are growing and now supporting me and my digestion has been perfect and my pain is gone. Emotionally I feel more present, grounded and freer than I’ve ever felt. Thank you Jon, You’ve changed my life and I’m forever grateful.

Bryon Brewster, BCSI, CST, MTD

I began Rolfing treatment with Jon in July of 2012. I had been suffering from a frozen shoulder causing limited usage for nearly 3 years. Jon was the 14th person I saw on this including doctors, chiropractors, physical therapists, two other Rolfers, and practitioners of other therapies. Most of the other 13 had given up on me insisting surgery was my likely only alternative.

I had also had a number of years of consistent arthritis. There are times when arthritis was present in numerous areas of my body. On occasions it has been difficult to walk.

Jon did a Ten Series as well as a number of individual sessions on mostly my shoulder. My gains were significant both with my shoulder and my arthritis. In addition I have had a number of other pains from past injuries which have persisted for years. Those are now gone. I strongly recommend Rolfing and in particular Jon.

Bret G.

I finished my 10 series with Jon about 5 weeks ago. Truly it was amazing–the best health-related intervention and educational experience I have had in over 2 decades. I am a daily yoga practitioner and am very health conscious in general, so I am surprised at the immense impact Jon and his teaching has had on my body. He is an excellent Rolfer and body integration specialist. He is professional, bodily accurate, gentle, and extremely knowledgable for his field. I recommend him highly.

Shane Hill, Ph.D., Clinical Psychologist/Artist

Thank you so much for the amazing work you did on my body!

Due to all the injuries I have had in my life, I was always in some sort of pain somewhere. I had chronic tendonitis in my elbows from rock climbing, achy can’t-sleep-at-night levels of pain in my posterior superior iliac spine, painful “runners” knees that kept me from hiking, snowshoeing, or dancing. In short, my ability to play and enjoy life was limited due to post-injury pain and movement restrictions. Working with you has changed all that! I can’t believe how pain free I am. Wow. I have more energy and a more positive outlook on life now that I can enjoy the activities that I couldn’t do before receiving sessions with you.

I am so grateful for the work you did. I can understand trepidation about spending money on body work, but what you did for me was priceless. It was the BEST investment I have ever made on my own healing and self-care! Those tiny, brief moments of deep tissue work discomfort were worth every second for the release from chronic pain that I have experienced.

I am also grateful for the work you did on my husband. There is a profound change in the way he stands and walks that seems to be positively reflected in the way he relates to the world: more upright, stronger, balanced.

I am so fortunate to be able to refer clients and friends to you, as well. Every client I have sent to you has reported alleviation of pain and restrictions. I sometimes think it’s hard for anyone to fully appreciate how much working with you frees the “stuck energy” in their body and allows them to release deeply held emotional, physical and spiritual trauma. You are a blessing. Our community in Portland is so lucky to have you.

Rosalind Radiyya Lorey, Certified Spiritual Healer

I wish I could convey to you how much of an impact you’ve had on my life — Thank you, Thank you, Thank you, you have literally given me my life back…Best gift anyone could give to a fellow human being.

Ms. PB

Got pain? See Jon, he can help!


I am still reaping the benefits of the incredible work that Jon did with me over two years ago. I felt very safe with Jon. And I could feel his intention to support deep healing and transformation. At the time, I felt many painful patterns leave my body. This brought both physical and emotional relief, positively impacting all areas of my life. Since then, I have been more in my body. And later, when I began dance and movement after a long pause, my body was able to reach, stretch and flow in completely new and deeper patterns.

As I continue my healing journey, I have found deep peace and serenity in my body. I’ve also been able to open more to the full use of my body, mind and intuition. This has led to deep healing in my relationships, feeling safe in the world, and helped me with my schoolwork. I’ve made a radical shift in my perspective of myself, others and the world. This would not have been possible without the bodywork that Jon did with me. He has been a big part of my transformative process.

My body remembered the deep feeling of safety and support that Jon provided. I was later able to draw on that experience again and again. This has allowed me to explore my limits further than I ever thought possible in the exploration of my body, mind and being.

I am deeply grateful for the work that Jon did with me and that I was lucky enough to have him work with me.

Carla Andrea, Conflict Resolution MA Candidate

Jon provided a life-changing experience through the Rolfing Ten Series. All soreness, aches, and pains have been totally eliminated and I feel more present and solid in my body. I would strongly recommend Jon’s Ten Series to anyone looking for a more youthful feeling body.

Corey Kaster

Thanks for your work. I have been experiencing a lot of release in my back, hips, and legs after 10 sessions.

Mr. AR

I have experienced major back discomfort for almost four months. I also had a significant pain in my right shoulder. I had to limit many of my activities due to the pain. After five treatments by Jon, the results were amazing. I had been going to a chiropractor for numerous treatments with only short range success. It now has been almost three weeks since my last treatment and it is great to have no more back and shoulder pain. I now feel great.

Mr. BG

I’ve spent many years in pain, and I felt like there was no hope of recovery despite the many other avenues I had tried. During and since my Rolfing experience I have seen and felt changes I never thought possible. Jon was very respectful, personable, and professional, and I am very grateful. Thanks.

Isaac Sather

It’s been about six months since we first started working on me and about 6 weeks since we finished my first 10 session sequence. I had been to internists, orthopedists, urologists, masseurs, shamans and witch doctors and while each of them has their place in the world, you were the answer to the pain and daily discomfort I had been in for years. After MRI’s CT’s drugs and potions, it is a shame I waited to find you until I was approaching “last resort” status.

I would hate to minimize the work you do by calling it “simple” but really, comparative to the other medical modalities I have traveled down, the Rolfing path was one of exceptional ease and superior results and, as with any pain or body issues we humans face, results are what matters.

After only a few sessions, my almost constant pain had eased and was soon gone. When it does happen to return, albeit briefly, my body seemed to have learned a new way of “being” that allowed itself to experience the discomfort and move through it to a more healthy and normal state, free from the pain. I no longer seem to hold on to the minor aches and pains that would have taken root and laid me low for days or weeks as before. It a new day. I have been able to enjoy, hiking, gym, travel, people … life, without pain once again.

For this, and so much more, I thank you.

Mr. RS

I have worked with several Rolfers throughout the years, and Jon Grossart is my favorite. Rolfing has done much to alleviate my pain and helps me stay in tune with my body. Because the sessions are interactive (requiring the client to participate) it allows me to play an active role in my health. I cannot speak highly enough of Rolfing or of Jon. My chiropractor was amazed at the results from my sessions with him and highly recommends that I continue with Rolfing treatments. Not only do I feel confident in Jon’s ability and knowledge, I am also very comfortable working with him.

Anna H

I started with Rolfing in October of 2007, hoping to find relief from lower back pain. Spine specialists only recommended meds. or surgery, which I was not willing to do just yet. They had tried cortisone shots into my neck and lower back vertebrae a few months earlier, which did not help. I did not like the medications I was on for inflammation, muscle relaxation, and powerful pain relief that I have been on for over 3 years. A friend in AZ suggested Rolfing and he helped me find Jon Grossart. On our interview I felt immediately comfortable with him and was ready to give Jon a try, since I had never done anything like Rolfing. With each session it got more difficult for me and I was thankful for his professional input and when to stop and when to keep going. I learned a lot about my body and breathing (you never know how much a person can learn no matter how old you are). I no longer take pain meds and I just need to listen to my body and heed the symptoms for me to stop and rest and not over-do things. I was glad for the exercises he gave me to use in-between sessions.

But because of Jon’s expertise I move better and live without heavy pain meds. Also I think even my sleep has improved. I am apparently the longest ’10’ session client so for Jon. 🙂

I can highly recommend Jon Grossart without a doubt! He is an excellent Rolfer! Thanks for all you have done for me. God Bless!

Jarka M.

If you have ever had any curiosity about Rolfing, Jon Grossart is your Man! His techniques are painless and the results are amazing!

Jonathan Murray

Rolfing is a well kept secret. Once I discovered this very helpful treatment, I was very pleased with the results. Jon Grossart was very professional and very knowledgeable.

Allison F.

I just wanted to thank you for fitting me into your schedule for the two Rolfing treatments I had while my wife and I were on vacation in the Portland, Oregon area. I have been going to a chiropractor for a long time mainly due to a sore lower back. I completed the series of ten treatments about two years ago in Chicago. I felt a lot less discomfort in my back after the ten treatments. It reduced the number of visits to the chiropractor and provided more long term relief.

When we visited Portland for our vacation, I was experiencing a lot of soreness in my back. Rather than not enjoy my vacation, I was debating to either find a Rolfer or chiropractor in the Portland area for some relief. I am happy to report that after your two treatments, my back is substantially improved. Since I returned home, I have done a lot of yard work and played two rounds of golf. My back still feels great. It is too bad that you are not located in the Chicago area as I would surely use your services when needed.

When I return to Portland, I know who to call if my back hurts. Thanks again for all of your help.

Mr. RG