North Star Integration

North Star Integration was founded in 2007 to help our clients integrate a better sense of wellness in all parts of their lives--body, mind, and spirit. We take a holistic approach on this journey to wellness, rather than a reductionist one. You are more than your symptoms. We are proud to call Portland, OR our home.

Rolfing® Structural Integration was the first service to be offered. Over the years, Neural Manipulation and Visceral Manipulation have also been added.

Jon Grossart, Certified Advanced Rolfer™, LMT

Jon Grossart Headshot IASI Logo RISI Logo

Certified Advanced Rolfer™ by the Rolf Institute of Structural Integration (2006 Basic Training, 2017 Advanced Training)
Professional Structural Integrator by the IASI
LMT in Oregon by the Oregon Board of Massage (License #13752)
Member of OBMT Multi-Disciplinary Task Force (2010-2011)
Member of OBMT Scope of Practice Committee (2011-present)
OMBT Board Member (LMT Member, 2013-2021), Vice Chair (2015-2017), Chair (2017-2018)

Continuing Education

Jon says...

"I received my initial Ten Series in 2004. I had originally heard of Rolfing a few years before that, but I hadn't seriously considered getting the work. The idea of it was always in my subconscious, though. Like most people, I woke up with the occasional sore back or neck, but it was nothing alarming or out of the ordinary. I also had the 'standard' pains from being a moderately active person (who didn't stretch enough). Overall I didn't have any major complaints with my body. However, I knew that I wasn't using my body to its full potential. So, I decided to go for Rolfing.

Was I ever wrong!!! After the first session, I came to the realization that I had never taken a 'full' breath in my entire life. After the fascia around my lungs was opened up, I couldn't believe the difference from just one session. I was definitely hooked. It was after this first session that I decided I would like to become a Rolfer and help other people experience a similar awakening of wonder at their own body and being. Over the course of the rest of my series, I continued to become aware of ways that my body had become limited over time. Most importantly, I learned new ways to use my body to help use it more efficiently and keep it operating at that level.

Before becoming a Rolfer, I was a computer engineer for a major telecommunications firm. However, I wanted to find a career that was more personally fulfilling, as well one that allowed me to help people. I strongly believe that the problem solving skills and methodical thinking learned as an engineer are invaluable towards being an effective Rolfer.

I trained at the Rolf Institute of Structural Integration in 2006. For me, this was also a good time to move Portland, OR (something I had been working on for a few years at that point). In March of 2007, I participated in the annual Rolfers' Children's Clinic in Portland."